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FBT changes on the horizon

FBT changes on the horizon

Currently, companies that provide a motor vehicle for the private use of their employees must register for and pay FBT. Draft legislation has been introduced which will enable some small businesses to avoid having to pay FBT.

The proposed amendment will allow close companies (where 5 or fewer natural persons own 50% or more of the shares) that only provide one or two vehicles to shareholder employees (and no other benefits) to apply the rules currently available to sole traders and partnerships. Using these rules, the company will claim a deduction for the use of a vehicle to the extent it is used in the business and not pay FBT in respect of the private use.

In order to apply the treatment to a particular vehicle, it needs to be adopted from the time a vehicle is acquired, or first used in the business. Hence, the method won’t be available for company vehicles currently held. Once a particular vehicle is subject to the new treatment, it must continue to be applied until the vehicle is either sold or is no longer used in the business.

The Bill introducing the change is currently going through its second reading in Parliament and will apply from the 2017- 2018 year. With the new rules coming into play soon, it may be the right time to think about your current business vehicle usage and whether or not it is a good excuse to splash out on a new vehicle.